Child Blessings

Baptisms, naming ceremonies or blessings are, for us, a celebration of awe and wonder at a new life and a thanksgiving for that life.

We work with families to create a service that is meaningful for you. Whether that means holding a baptism, a baby naming, a blessing, a dedication or a welcoming ceremony, we can usually accommodate your needs and preferences. You will have a big input into the service and we can provide you with a range of readings, hymns, and blessings if you so desire.

What is important for Unitarians is the commitment by the parents and the community to offer the child love and support. This means that we usually prefer to conduct the ceremony as part of our Sunday morning worship service wherever possible. However, it is also possible to arrange a different time or venue if you wish.

For any who feel it is important to them, adults may also be named (or re-named), blessed, dedicated or baptised either in church or elsewhere.

On a practical note, we can seat up to about 70 people and we have a small kitchen available if required.

PLEASE NOTE: Disabled access is possible in most cases but if you expect guests with mobility issues, please raise the question in advance to ensure we can accommodate their needs.

For an informal, preliminary discussion please call 0845 860 8075